Instagram Reels Bible (WAITLIST)

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How to create viral Instagram reels that generate millions of views and add thousands of followers overnight

On July 5th 2023 I posted a story to my 142 followers on Instagram saying:

"By 2024, I will have reached 50,000+ followers"

This would leave me 6 months to completely transform my account.

So I started researching and modeling other peoples reels.

Posting one reel a day.

Improving day by day. Slowly growing.

500 followers, 1,000 followers, 1,500 followers.

By September, 2 months in,

I was far from my goal of 50K followers.

"How am I ever going to make it", I thought.

That's until I implemented one secret to go viral.

My first video took off.

Notifications were crazy.

This video crossed 1M views. Then 2M views. Then 3M views.

Over 100,000+ people had liked the video by now.

I knew I had cracked the code.

So I did more of what worked.

My new videos started blowing up too.

Soon my analytics looked like this:

And mind you, this is an old screenshot.

Today, these 3 videos have more than tripled their views.

One video has over 11M views and 300,000 likes.

This is only possible because of the one secret I applied to go viral.

And I'm going to show you this exact secret.

After going viral, my growth happened fast.

First nothing, then everything at once.

By October 2023, just 3 months after I set my public goal of 50K followers,

I could announce on my story that I had hit my goal.

By the end of December 2023, I had actually surpassed 100K followers instead.



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All the strategies and secrets I applied,

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How you can get the same results,

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Instagram Reels Bible (WAITLIST)

30 ratings
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