Template Vault

4 ratings

Template Vault

4 ratings

An offer that's so stupidly good that I am literally shooting myself in the foot by offering it.

Here's the deal...

Just take a moment to imagine you could get all future templates I launch free of costforever.

To put it in perspective, let's say I launch another 20+ templates next year (I will probably will, ya'll know me)

On average, each template is $80. (Obviously some are pricier and some are cheaper — hence average)

If you wanted all the templates at $80, you'd have to pay a total of $1600 over the next year.

But now imagine that today you bought access to an exclusive club reserved for my biggest supporters.

You got lifetime access to all templates I launch in the future for a one time price.

As I said already, by offering this, I am literally shooting myself in the foot — big time.

The Template Vault is a collection of all templates I've made to date. Here's the full list (— keep reading, you won't regret it...)

($397) Email Architect Pro
($99) Course Architect Pro
($97) Task Architect Pro
($79) Soul Architect Pro

($79) Notion Creator Bundle
($39) Product Launch Dashboard
($39) Testimonial Magnet​
($35) Ultimate Spiritual Journal
($20) Ultimate Project Manager

($10) Spiritual Widget Bundle
($15) Daily Recurring Tasks

($20) Health Hub OS
($10) Sobriety Hub
($10) Transformation Board

($25) Stoic Life OS
($15) Stoic Mornings
($15) Stoic Life Journal
($15) Stoic Life Calendar

($10) Christmas Family Wishlist
($5) Outfit Hub
($1) Notion: The Game
($0) Notion Beginner Bundle

If you were to buy all these templates at the regular price, you'd pay $1035

The Template Vault gives you not only all the templates above, but it puts you in an exclusive club that receives all templates I create in the future without ever paying another dime.

The price of the Template Vault is $749.

So you'd be saving $286 compared to buying the templates one-by-one.

The stupid offer is that you're also getting an unknown amount of savings from now until forever on all future templates launched by me.

Are you ready?

Get access to ALL my templates (valued at $1035) for a one-time payment of $749.

Next time I launch a new template, I add that price onto The Vault. This means that next time you look, it may cost you $1200 or even more to buy access.

Those who get in early, get in early.

Update 22/12-22:

3 more templates added to the vault.

Vault value: $947 -> $1035
Price change: $700 -> $749.

NOTE: The Template Vault is a non-refundable product for obvious reasons.

This product is not currently for sale.


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