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The Big Leap: How I Quit My 9-5 to Chase My Dream


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Gonzalo Pereyra

interesting story can't wait to keep reading!

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Scott Stewart

where were you working for 2K a month? My teenage son makes more than that working part-time.

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I'll be waiting for

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I'm glad you're sharing your story. Keep it going.

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Leon Reymann

Congrats, man! Stoked to learn more about your Journey! Currently looking forward to playing the game you built on Notion. Let's keep in touch

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Thanks Pascio, just thanks. Exactly what I needed right now. ✌🏻

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The Notioneer

Great story! I'm looking to do the same with my templates. At the moment I am 3 weeks in with between 100-200 sales but no revenue as I only have 1 paid template out of the three. I started a free Notion newsletter too. Any tips to move it up a notch to paid sales?

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Data Kumquat

Great story, and always a hard call to step away from security, even if from someone else's business.

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Love this story! Much respect! I felt that feeling once and I can't wait to feel it again!

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